Acrylic sheet

  • Acrylic sheet

Extruded acrylic sheet are polymerized by MMA. PMMA sheet are organic glass. It is a special kind of organic glass. It has a reputation as a plastic queen. Acrylic can be used in casting, injection molding, extrusion, hot molding, laser engraving, laser cutting and other processes. It has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy processing molding.


The cast acrylic sheet has good aging resistance. It is widely used in outdoor advertising and interior decoration, light box, luminous font, etc.

Acrylic Tube/Rod

Excellent transparency, transmittance over 93%

Acrylic rod is used for displays, door pulls, towel holders, do it yourself projects.

ABS double colored sheet

ABS double colored sheet is one kind of ABS sheet, it’s with ABS for bottom surface and through the screen scraper painting drying to common surface.

Applications: sign, interior design, advertisement, light box,spectaculars, gifts, commercial space instructions, etc.

PC sheet

Includes PC plating sheets PC sun sheets and PC solid sheets.