ACRYLIC MIRROR Acrylic mirror sheet, or Perspex mirror, is intended primarily for areas such as wall mirror stickers, display and point-of- sale, visual merchandising, store design, applications in the food service industry, and where safety requires the lightweight and shatter resistance of acrylic plastic sheet, such as hospitals, prisons, kindergarten, garden & toys mirrors around the home & school decor

PVC MIRROR This material surface is argent, reflective, brightness, excellent clear, no splay mark, no crystal points,good reflective and illuminative effects. It can be cut into any panel shape or curve shape. It is one kind of cheaper material instead of polycarbonate mirror sheet, but it is poorer reflective than polycarbonate mirror.

PC MIRROR Polycarbonate mirror sheet is intended for areas at high risk from impact such as toys, mirrors, prison & hospital mirrors. Polycarbonate mirror is virtually unbreakable, offering impact strength of around 30 times that of acrylic mirror, and over 250 times greater than that of glass in equal sheet thickness.

PS MIRROR The product is intended for indoor use and suitable for various applications including point-of-sale display, decoration and packing industry. It is a kind of cheaper material instead of acrylic mirror sheet.

PET MIRROR PET mirror film is widely used in Advertising, Display cabinets. Furnitures, Lightings, Toys, Electronic products,hardwares and so on.,

PETG MIRROR PETG mirror has good impact strength, Eco-friendly material, good design flexibility and speed of fabrication. The thinner gauge sheet is ideal for the fabrication of children’ s toys, cosmetic uses and office supplies. PETG mirror can be cold formed, die cut, or punch easily.