How to make a qualified acrylic mirror sheet? How is the acrylic mirror sheet made? With these questions, let us specialize in the production and operation of acrylic mirror. Experts from AULEN  for 20 years will answer them for you

1. Raw materials

The raw material of acrylic mirror panel is PMMA particles of brand-new material, which is the basic raw material of all acrylic extrusion plates. Unlike the pouring plate, the pouring plate uses MMA water and has good coloring. It can be heated and mixed with various colorants to make colored acrylic plates. Moreover, acrylic is a kind of thermoplastic plastic, which forms a molten state at about 160 ℃. It is specially reminded that when you want to store the extruded acrylic plate, remember to store it in the room temperature space. The high-temperature storage plate is easy to deform, but the temperature of the extruded acrylic plate should be around 230 ℃, and processing processes such as pouring, injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming can be adopted.

2. Plate processing

In the plate production line, the machine heats the acrylic raw materials to a high temperature of about 230 ℃ and processes them into plates through pressurization, extrusion, molding and other steps. The extrusion process can produce 1-8mm thick plates. The extruded plates have the advantages of flat and smooth surface and uniform thickness, which meet the requirements of electroplating grade plates. However, it is worth mentioning that due to the low molecular weight, the mechanical properties, heat resistance and solvent resistance of the extruded plate are not as good as the pouring plate. The acrylic pouring plate has uneven surface and uneven thickness, which will not happen to the extruded plate. ​

Therefore, why not use pouring plate to make acrylic mirror? The main reason is that the surface flatness of the cast plate is poor, which is far from meeting the requirements of making acrylic mirror plate. If the pouring plate is used to make the acrylic mirror plate, the mirror plate will be the same as the ha ha mirror and can not be used at all.

3. Vacuum coating

Through the previous steps of melting and extrusion, acrylic particles finally become flat and smooth acrylic plates. Next, put this acrylic plate on the full-automatic production line of Aolan for the processing of mirror coating.

The processing of the coating mainly adopts the method of vacuum electroplating, so that the metal aluminum material forms metal particles, evaporates to the surface of acrylic plate, and forms a smooth and uniform mirror aluminum film. The acrylic mirror plate on the market generally adopts aluminum with purity of 99.999% as the main electroplating material.

4. Back treatment

Acrylic plate has mirror effect after vacuum coating, which is similar to glass mirror. It has become a mirror panel material, but it can not be used. At this time, the mirror coating is very fragile and easy to scratch and oxidize. Then you need to put a layer of “clothes” on the mirror coating to protect it from damage.

Next, the electroplated acrylic plate enters the next stage of the automatic production line: back paint roller coating. The machine will apply a layer of protective and environmental protection paint to the plate coating surface roller, and then dry it to solidify it. Note that the hardness of the back paint shall reach 4h, the pencil hardness and adhesion force shall reach 0 = ASTM, and the paint thickness shall be ≥ 16 μ m. Is a high-quality back paint.

After the back paint processing is completed, you can also attach the back glue on the back paint according to the needs of customers or products. When installing and using the acrylic mirror panel, you can directly tear off the adhesive tape and paste it. It is very convenient. Generally, 3M double-sided adhesive is used.

After the above steps of extrusion, electroplating, painting and gluing, an acrylic mirror plate was born. Different materials can also be used to produce acrylic mirror plates with hardening, color, oxidation resistance and other properties to meet the diversity of scene use needs.

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