The advertising light box sign is an important branch in the identity. It is basically used in most outdoor stores. We see the door, the door, the door, the door light box; the application is in the business area, the advertising light box logo Products, advertising light box-based logos product production is the most common store signature production, this use is wide, then what do you need to pay attention to during production? Let’s take a look at it!

Parking lot light box logo


In general, the budget of Party A may provide a relatively high standard raw material. In contrast, the probability is compressed on raw materials. At present, the acrylic sheets seen in China are basically imported or external joint ventures, and the quality of the sheet should be said to be better. The advertising light box identity product is more use of metal borders and printing materials. For example, the Label box needs to be used, if the selected raw material is relatively high, then the price of the advertising light box is generally not too low.

Lightbox signage sanding

For some shaped light boxes, a lot of components need to be processed by the previous processing, shaping the shape, how to make shapes, usually need to help with the mold. Similarly, if it is an acrylic type advertisement sign, you know that the acrylic plate is positioned by vacuum, and it is also required for different molds. Even the same word, the size is different, and the mold production itself requires high quality.

Lightbox logo assembly

When the previous components are basically molded, the later link is assembled, that is, the assembly, especially the light-emitting type, and many parts need to be assembled, where the LED light source is assembled is a more important link. , Not only to light up, many advertising light boxes are relatively high, so that the overall looks will not be glare.